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Clinical Hypnosis & Emotional Well-Being Support

Fani Peker

Fani Peker

Fani utilizes a combination of the well-being theory rooted in positive psychology and neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional awareness skills development, self-sufficient meditation training, and clinical hypnosis techniques to truly personalize the mind-body healing experience. Appointments are facilitated to create safety based on the polyvagal theory principles.

You will experience a co-creation that will support you in developing the lasting experience of freeing your mind. Free your mind by understanding and practicing the skills necessary to detox your mind and body from accumulated stress, habits that keep you stuck, and emotional weight that is holding you back from reconnecting with and maintaining your inner peace.

A non-judgemental space that is rooted in co-regulation to detox stress stored from the past and present with mindfulness support to flourish through emotional awareness and healing.

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