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Corporate Wellness

In today’s demanding and ever changing business world – it is important to foster Engagement, Leadership, Motivation, Discipline, & Accountability. We offer a variety of services to help improve the health and well-being of your employees. Employee wellness is about the physical and mental health.

Dr. Shar Rai, Doctor of Chiropractic, has been immersed in workplace culture across many sectors. Her experience in corporate environments/settings makes her an expert with a unique perspective on wellness and organizational culture.

Dr. Shar can help you customize the best program for you and your organization

  • Assess your corporate priorities and goals for wellness
  • Identify needs through employee assessments
  • Select services that satisfy your requirements
  • Package services and education options smartly, or pick a la carte
  • Implement a program that works

If you are looking to change the landscape of your business to create a healthy, engaged, and productive workplace visit Dr. Shar Rai’s website for services and to learn about her unique program to shift corporate culture “The Science of Workplace Dynamics” -

“Preparing leaders & employees to thrive in an ever-changing workplace through scientific research, education, and practical skills for success. In addition, we offer an array of health services at the workplace where employees, need it most.”