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Does Being Grateful Really Matter?

Being mindful and living in the moment has allowed me to become more “grateful”. Gratitude is expressing appreciation or being thankful on a deeper level. I have found that being grateful has increased my awareness! The littlest things that I may have taken for granted before, suddenly became so amazing and powerful. For example, I am able to appreciate the sun, it’s warmth and light; I am able to be grateful for the time I had to cook a fresh, hot meal, or the parking spot that opened up for me just as I arrived to my destination! I love when that happens! It does not matter how small it may seem, being grateful opens your eyes to a lot more beauty in your life.


How can gratitude change your day?

Deepak Chopra has said that “Gratitude is the gateway to abundance”.

As some of you may know, what you express outwardly, brings more of that same expression back into your life. So, in other words being grateful for all the things in our lives, will bring us even more to be grateful for. Our thoughts, feelings and actions will openly invite more of the same thoughts, feelings and actions. The cool thing about being appreciative is that it can change the feeling in any given space or time. In fact, your energetic vibration can increase. I know that may sound too “new agey”, but let me give you an example. Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist that studied the effects of our thoughts and words on molecules of water. Using high-speed photography, he discovered that crystals formed in frozen water change their form depending on the thoughts/words directed toward them. The water that had positive thoughts and words shared with it, formed the most beautiful, symmetrical crystals, and those water molecules that were shared negative words and thoughts with were deformed. Humans are 50-75% water. Now just imagine how our thoughts can affect our water content.

Everyone can find something to be grateful for, even in circumstances that seem less fortunate.   Although this may not be easy at times, using acceptance, forgiveness and empathy, can allow you to put a positive spin on any situation.

How do I practice gratitude daily?

One daily practice that I have adopted is being grateful first thing in the morning. Before my feet even touch the floor, I take a few minutes to be grateful for something(s) in my life. Throughout the day, I look for little things to be grateful for. My cup of coffee that I enjoyed in silence, the kind person that slowed down to let me change lanes, etc… Before I go to bed, I do the same thing, but I write them down in my “Gratitude Journal”. For me, this is the perfect way to change my attitude towards anything that may have seemed negative during the day. I encourage you to embrace gratitude in the way that it best suits you and what feels right!

– Dr. Shar Rai

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