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Dr. Ravinder Gill, N.D., R. AC.

Dr. Ravinder Gill B.Sc., N.D. graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2001 and has had a successful private practice for over 10 years. She works in all aspects of family health with special interests in digestive complaints, endocrine disorders, pediatrics, and women’s health. She is also a practitioner of energetic medicine as well as a teacher of meditation. She utilizes these skills in a professional manner that gives her patients a complete healthcare approach. Through her extensive experience she has come to understand that healing happens on many levels.

Professionally, Dr. Gill, N.D. pursued her education in the sciences obtaining her Diploma in Biotechnology at BCIT followed by her Bachelor of Science in Biology at Simon Fraser University. The intricacies of the cell always fascinated her and she continued her passion for molecular biology and molecular genetics by working in research in the Department of Neurology at the Montreal General Hospital. She was inspired to change professions after a naturopathic doctor improved her health dramatically.

Dr. Gill, N.D. is licensed through CONO (The College of Naturopaths of Ontario).

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