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Meet Dr. Shar Rai

Inspired By a Friend

Toronto Chiropractor, Dr. Shar Rai

Dr. Shar Rai

Dr. Shar Rai was influenced to become a chiropractor when she met and talked with Dr. Stephanie in the early 1990’s. She applied to chiropractic school both in Toronto and in the U.S. and ended up attending National College of Chiropractic on a scholarship. She graduated in 1999 and remembers her years there fondly: ‘’It was by far the best educational experience I’d ever had!’’

Working Towards Wellness, Together

After Dr. Shar’s graduation, Dr. Stephanie was also looking to practice in the Toronto area. They purchased Urban Health Group together and have found each other to be exceptional partners in business and in health over the years.

“Dr. Stephanie and I are both fair, honest and spiritual people,” says Dr. Shar. “We trust each other implicitly.” This ideal partnership is furthered by the fact that both doctors share the same approach in patient care and practice. ‘’We’re here to help with so much more than physical healing. A focus on personal development and empowering our patients makes our chiropractic care a full-body, mental-physical-spiritual experience.’’

Giving to the Community

Both Dr. Shar and Dr. Stephanie wanted to use their skill set and brains to help not only their patients but also the residents of their community. “Our love for health and wellness gave birth to our idea of taking it outside of the office. We both have an entrepreneurial spirit and continue to share our passion with corporations and their employees.”

Family Life

Dr. Shar is married with three children spanning the pre-school to grade school years. “I love spending time with them,” she says. All of the things she enjoys doing, she says she enjoys sharing with them, including exercising and taking care of herself, reading as much as she can, baking and taking time to relax and smell the roses.

‘’I always want to keep current in the world of health and wellness. It’s good for my brain, and I can share valuable information with my patients.’’

After the birth of her third child, Dr. Shar agreed with Dr. Stephanie that they should each focus on motherhood and the components of the Urban Health Group practice which they were most passionate about. Today Dr. Stephanie continues the in-house chiropractic patient care that they shared for many years, while Dr. Shar started a course into Corporate Wellness.

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