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About Urban Health Group

Making Your Wellness a Priority

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It takes a village to keep your body functioning at its peak. At Urban Health Group, we’re your one-stop shop for natural health care and lifetime wellness. Our team of experienced practitioners goes the extra mile to help you reach your goals and feel your best for the long haul.

Our History

Urban Health Group has been providing the Midtown Toronto community with reliable health care for over 30 years. Dr. Stephanie Gaston continued the practice when the previous owner retired; working with the patients she has come to know and love.

Since then, Dr. Stephanie has expanded care by inviting in different disciplines. She sees chiropractic as just one tool in the toolbox for overall wellness. She combines her services with physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, chiropody, and clinical hypnotherapy. This holistic approach covers a wider range of needs than she could meet alone.

Developing a Lifestyle of Health

If you’re coming in with low back pain, you can start out with either chiropractic care or physiotherapy. You can choose which approach you prefer. We’ll refer you to a different approach when necessary to meet your health goals effectively.

A healthy lifestyle involves more than in-office care. Our team inspires you to get more active and improve your workplace ergonomics. We want you to be able to sit and work more comfortably so you’re not cycling through the same pain again.

Diverse Perspectives You Can Trust

We’ll offer in-house referrals whenever your next health goal requires a different approach. You shouldn’t have to restart the grueling process of finding a qualified practitioner every time a new health need comes up. Each of our clinicians meets a high standard. We require demonstrated expertise to offer care you can trust.

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We’re obsessed with natural wellness because we’ve seen it work wonders in more lives than we can count. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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